25 Minutes of 'Dead Rising 3' plus Kinect Details

If you're an old school Xbox fan you most likely remember the incredible break-out success of the original Dead Rising for the Xbox 360. The franchise has went on to sell millions of copies and even spawned several sequels on the Wii and PS3. With Dead Rising 3 Capcom is returning to their roots and making it Xbox One exclusive. Everything you know and love has been brought over with the addition of some next-gen enabled graphics and features.

For those who care about the story Dead Rising 3 is roughly 10 years after Dead Rising 2 in a city called Los Perdidos, a fictional city based in California that consists of four districts. Los Perdidos is in a state of ruin and under martial law following a zombie outbreak. With no way to leave, the new protagonist Rick, sets out to fix a plane so that he and other survivors can escape before a bomb takes out the city.

The scale of Dead Rising 3 has been significantly upgraded over previous entries in the series. Every store and building is explorable. With the city itself being larger than all the previous games combined. The scale is even more impressive when you take in to account the game has zero load times and 3x times the zombies as the original with much more variety to boot. You can also expect over 100 weapon combinations and over 50 outfits.

Dead Rising 3 also makes substantial use of Smart Glass. Using your tablet or smartphone you'll be able to call air strikes, check your mission list and look up locations such as gun stores or safe points and even add in-game waypoints to help you if you get lost.

Kinect Integration

The Kinect features are unobtrusive and seem to add an extra layer of immersion to the experience. If you want to throw a zombie off just flick your controller and watch him go sailing. There will also be voice related features where you can taunt zombies to follow you by using your voice. You'll also be able to direct survivors to safety. The voice recognition is a double edged sword however. The game listens for any noise in your environment so if you're trying to sneak past a horde of zombies and your phone rings? You're toast.

Check out this exclusive 25 minute gameplay footage of Dead Rising 3 running on an Xbox One:

The game looks incredible despite some screen-tearing and framerate issues which we've been assured will be ironed out before release.

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