Xbox One and Kinect at E3 2013

Microsoft kicked off E3 2013 earlier today with a press conference heavily emphasizing games for the Xbox One. While Kinect itself took a backseat to more traditional gameplay, it's expected that it will play some part in most, if not all, first party titles.

Prior to the conference itself Rare unveiled Kinect Sports Rivals, an Xbox One launch title that sees the popular franchise brought to next gen with 6 sports, including some favourites from the first two games. Climbing, Soccer, Wake Racing, Bowling, Target Shooting and Tennis will utilize the new Kinect for advanced motion gameplay, including the ability to scan yourself into the game to play alongside friends via the cloud. Check out the trailer below.

There were also glimpses of Kinect in new titles including Project Spark, which allows players to create and design their own game using a combination of Kinect voice control, Smartglass and a controller. The latest game in the open world zombie killing franchise, Dead Rising 3, will have zombies reacting to sounds in your environment as well as allowing the player to control their posse or taunt the enemy using voice. The Witcher 3 is also confirmed to use Kinect voice recognition for spell casting and management.
Two Kinect games previously announced for the Xbox 360 also made an appearance having moved to the Xbox One. The infamous Ryse from Crytek was finally shown and will use Kinect in combination with a controller, and Crimson Dragon from the creator of Panzer Dragoon makes a reappearance, retaining its Kinect controls.

Of course Kinect dashboard integration is ever present, with a new demonstration showing Twitch support allowing gamers to instantly stream their gameplay live across the internet, as well as share their favourite moments using voice control and Xbox One's new Upload Studio.

Other exclusives announced for the Xbox One include Respawn Entertainment's TitanFall, a first person shooter from the creators of Call of Duty featuring mech robots, a new edition of Minecraft featuring bigger worlds and expanded multiplayer support, Rare's re-imagined classic fighter Killer Instinct and Sunset Overdrive, a comical and bright shooter from Insomniac.

Finally Microsoft announced launch pricing for the Xbox One which will be hitting stores this November for $499 in the US and €499/£429 in Europe.

Expect more Kinect and Xbox One news as E3 continues throughout the week, including a look at new third party titles like Harmonix's new Disney-licensed Kinect rhythm game Fantasia: Music Evolved and more.

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