2K bringing Carnival Games to Kinect

2K Play has announced that they will be bringing Carnival Games: In Action to the Xbox 360. The original Carnival Games for the Wii is the third best selling third party game for the system, selling over 7 million on the Wii and DS combined.

Like the original game, In Action will take place in a theme park in which the player will be set traditional challenges such as Alley Ball, Wheel of Chance and Milk Bottle Throw. The game will also allow players to take part in larger events such as hot air balloon races, and roller coaster riding.

"With the immersive controller-free experience of Kinect for Xbox 360, a new generation of gamers will literally be able to ‘step right into’ the larger-than-life Carnival Games experiencer.” said 2K Play's VP of business development Steve Lux.

The game, which will be titled Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do in the US, will be available in April.

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