Kinect accurately using Web, Windows and Angry Birds with one hand

The Kinect open source community is still making astounding progress. User griffindodd has enabled accurate hand tracking that not only allows him to navigate Windows as if using a real mouse but also play Angry Birds, play solitaire and browse the web! All just by open and closing his hand to confirm selections.

KinEmote's new custom image recognition system shown in this tech demo allows users to left-click and even click and hold to drag objects just like a real mouse.
The action is performed by closing the fingers of the hand to 'click' the virtual mouse button, this new technique is infinitely more accurate than existing solutions that require users to use a 'push' motion to select an option.

With this new level of amazing accuracy KinEmote users will be able to play games, surf the web and navigate Windows using this XBox Kinect camera in ways that were never possible until now.

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