"Kinect Me" and "Kinect Fun Lab" Revealed at E3?

Some new names have popped up on Brazil and Australia's Classifications Boards -- Kinect Me, Fusion Genesis and Crimson Alliance. The latter two are Xbox Live Arcade games, with Crimson Alliance being developed by Age of Booty developer Certain Affinity. There was also further confirmation of Hole In The Wall and Fruit Ninja Kinect, both also Xbox Live Arcade titles.

There is no indication as to what Kinect Me is, though it could be related to the rumor that Microsoft will announce the ability for Kinect to create an in-game character based on a body scan. It's unclear whether this means auto-creation of an Xbox Live Avatar or a more realistic model of the players actual body.

A source at Siliconera also claims that 'Kinect Fun Lab' will be a Microsoft E3 reveal. Again, we don't know what it is, whether that's its final title or if it relates to Kinect Me. At a guess, it could be a bunch of fun tools packaged as a Live Arcade title including the painting software which we haven't seen since Kinect's unveiling as Project Natal in 2009.

Not long to wait now until all becomes clear. Microsoft open this years E3 with their conference on June 6th at 9:30am PST.

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