Microsoft Publishing "Build a Buddy" and "Bobbly Head" -- Kinect App Store Speculation

Yet more unannounced titles have been revealed thanks to Australia's Classification Database. This time, two titles called 'Build a Buddy' and 'Bobble Head'. Although we can't say whether they utilize Kinect, they stand alongside Kinect titles recently revealed from the same source such as Kinect Me, Kinect Fun Lab and Kinect Googly Eyes.

We're still unsure what these Microsoft-published titles might be, but they don't strike us as retail games. Could these be the first titles for a to-be-revealed Kinect app store, or just simply upcoming features, services and/or Xbox Live Arcade titles?

With several Kinect-enabled Xbox Live Arcade titles already unveiled, it only makes sense for Microsoft to create a Kinect-only section of its marketplace, especially once the upcoming Kinect SDK allows for XNA and commerical opportunity in the near future.

Could this be one of Microsoft's E3 announcements? We'll find out in just over a week! Keep checking Inside Kinect for the very latest news as it comes!

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