Kinect Googly Eyes and Tetris Party Challenge Revealed Via Classification Board

Having revealed 3 new Xbox 360 titles last week, Crimson Alliance, Fusion Genesis and Kinect Me, Australia's Classifications Board has today revealed two new Xbox 360 titles -- Kinect Googly Eyes and Tetris Party Challenge.

Again, there is no further information about either title. Tetris Party Challenge is from developer Hudson Soft, who previously released Tetris Party for the Wii and DS to huge critical acclaim.

We can't even begin to guess what Microsoft-produced Kinect Googly Eyes might be. It's a peculiar title for a game, if it even is a game at all, and it joins Kinect Me and Kinect Fun Lab, two other titles which sound like they could be features or services, rather than retail releases.

Googly Eyes is the name of a dropped feature from the Kinect Sports Party Pack DLC. Could this be the rumored secret Rare title in development? Or could these 3 games be the first apps for a to-be-announced Kinect app store?

Just two weeks to wait and we'll know for sure!

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