Kinectimals Bears to be Announced at Gamescom? Update: Bears DLC Pack!

Gamescom, the next big event in gaming, is less than a month away. Naturally, there will be a lot of big name developers showing their latest and greatest games. Frontier, the developers behind Kinectimals and the upcoming Disneyland Adventures, recently tweeted that not only will they be going to Gamescom, but that they will be "showing other games" and that "there are others to talk about".

Kinectimals naturally has the makings of a franchise. The name is neutral and could refer to any animal, and with the first game focusing only on big cats there is a lot more content possible. And, of course, kids love animals and animal games, so it's almost a no brainer to continue on after a successful first game.

Thanks to Xboxygen, we might have our first clue not only about the games' existence, but about what kind of animal will feature in it. have put up a pre-order page for a September release of Kinectimals Bears. That wouldn't have been our first guess for the next animal, but without any further info we can only speculate right now. Given that the first game launched with a variety of soft toys in limited edition packs, this game could launch with some teddy bears which would be quite a nice fit.

We'll likely know for sure at Gamescom next month, so check back for all the latest news!

Update: Frontier have announced that bears will be introduced to the franchise via a DLC pack for the original game. The "Bear Island" downloadable content will let you choose from 5 bears to take on an all new adventure with new guide Bumblina, featuring new tasks, items and animals to discover. The pack will launch this fall for $14.99, as well as with the original game for $49.99 under the title "Kinectimals - Now With Bears!"

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