Air Band Hitting Kinect Fun Labs Next Week!

Air Band, the next gadget to hit Kinect Fun Labs, will be available from August 22nd.

As we previously speculated, Air Band is the new name for Music In Motion from Relentless Software, allowing users to play a variety of virtual instruments and genres by air-playing instruments overlayed onto the player on screen.
Kinect Fun Labs: Microsoft captured the world’s imagination at E3 2011 with the announcement of Kinect Fun Labs, a dedicated hub showcasing the latest Kinect innovations. The latest Gadget, “Air Band,” introduces new Augmented Reality technology to Kinect and places you on stage as the star of your living room with a guitar, drums or keyboard. “Air Band” will be unveiled at gamescom and available in Kinect Fun Labs on 22nd August, 2011.
We expect that there will be new footage and information about the game over the coming days. In the mean time, here's some previously released footage.

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