Release Dates for Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports 2 Revealed - New Footage!

Microsoft's next wave of first party titles kicks off this October with Dance Central 2 launching October 21st. Kinect Sports Season 2 will follow just 4 days later on October 25th.

Just prior, Kinectimals will relaunch as Kinectimals With Bears -- the original game packaged with the new Bears DLC -- hitting stores October 11th.

Dates for Kinect Star Wars and Kinect Disneyland Adventures have yet to be announced, but expect them to launch around November time.

All of these games are being demonstrated this week at Gamescom in Germany, including a first glimpse at darts and tennis in Kinect Sports 2, which you can see below. A recent preview over at Xbox360Acheivments had great things to say -- "What makes Kinect Sports: Season 2’s darts so impressive is the degree of accuracy you have with the darts at your disposal. Moving your hand just a slight millimetre will move your on-screen target a slight millimetre too. It’s 'seeing is believing' stuff in all honesty, as this type of control has never really been seen in a Kinect game to-date."

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