EA Confirm Kinect Support for Next Years Fifa

EA announced at E3 that Kinect will be introduced into all of their major sports franchises eventually. Now EA have finally confirmed that Kinect will be making an appearance in next years Fifa.

EA are taking a sensible approach to Kinect compatibility, and decided to wait for the right idea rather than force an ultimately weak feature into the game. Now they have that idea.

"We've kind of been messing around and thinking of what would work" EA Sports producer David Rutter told Digital Spy.

"Since the very first announcement [of Kinect] almost two years ago, we've been asked, 'Will you have Kinect support?', and we've always said, 'Not until we can get something cool that makes sense working'

"Now that's the case and that's going to be next year, so it's just a case of finishing that off now."

EA are adding an entirely new player impact system in this years iteration of Fifa, which Rutter describes as the biggest change to the gameplay code since the leap to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Pre-production of next years installment won't begin until October or November, but with this years big advancement it'll be more about refinement, giving them more man-power and time to flesh out their Kinect ideas, whatever they may be.

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