Fruit Ninja Kinect Review Round-Up

Fruit Ninja Kinect hits the Xbox Live marketplace tomorrow for 800 points as part of the summer of arcade, and it looks like it is certainly worth checking out.

Praised for its responsive and precise controls and its simple, fast and addictive gameplay, the positive reviews are pouring in.

[Fruit Ninja Kinect is] so chock-full of clever ideas and satisfyingly tight controls that it very nearly circles back around to pure genius. It doesn't just set a high bar for the flock of touch-based apps which will almost certainly follow in its footsteps to the Kinect platform -- it sets a pretty intimidating precedent for the platform altogether - Joystiq

The core concept of Fruit Ninja crosses over intact to Kinect with multiplayer that's fun with friends. Even when my arms get tired and I have enough for the day, the game entices me to play one more session to try raise my score. Sure, Fruit Ninja Kinect is a shallow experience at heart, and there's not much game here -- but it also holds up as one of the most fun and addicting Kinect games I've played so far - 1UP

If you've any concerns about the accuracy of Microsoft's Kinect and potential irritations, squash them right now. Whatever magic Halfbrick has harnessed needs to be shared with other developers; Fruit Ninja Kinect's feeling of one-to-one accuracy is a triumph - Desctructoid

Price is the main criticism. Both a lack of content, and the fact that it is a port of a $0.99 mobile game. We think this is a little unfair -- porting a touch game to Kinect alone is no small effort. Getting it to work as well as they have with new modes, multiplayer and all new graphics shows that Half-Brick have put the effort in. What could have been a half-assed port clearly isn't.

If you are concerned about the price, you may be happy to know that if you're planning on buying The Gunstringer next month (at the already reduced price of £29.99 ($40)), it comes packaged with Fruit Ninja Kinect for free.

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