Kinect Sports Season 2 Getting Monthly DLC Starting Today With 6 Free New Modes!

One of the biggest complaints about Kinect Sports Season 2 from fans and critics alike is that it doesn't quite have as much content as the first game. Tracking, improved menu navigation and the addition of full voice control are all welcome additions, and thankfully we don't have to wait long at all to flesh out those menus with more challenges.

Kinect Sports: Season Two - Challenge Pack #1 introduces a new mode for every sport in the game.

· Baseball: Frantic Fielder – Oil up your mitt and get ready for action! “Frantic Fielder” for Baseball gives all new meaning to playing catch. Fielding an endless stream of balls from a lineup of mascots tests everything from hand-eye coordination to speed. The more you catch the harder it gets – three misses and you’re OUT!
· Darts: Smart Shot – Exercise the brain and throwing arm simultaneously with “Smart Shot” for Darts. If hitting the bulls-eye wasn’t challenge enough, try competing against the clock with mathematical puzzles that require a sharp mind and even sharper aim.
· Football: Crazy Kicker – As the star kicker in “Crazy Kicker” for Football, you’ll discover the challenge of making a 40-yard field goal with all eyes watching. Account for factors like distance and wind to line up your shot perfectly and score! The crowd and mascots will cheer you on with every amazing goal.
· Golf: Champion Chip – “Champion Chip” for Golf takes the short game to a new level. Chip shots become increasingly challenging from different surfaces, distances, and with natural obstacles like wind steering the course. 
· Skiing: Cool Ringings – Swoosh down the slopes with a license for speed, dodging mascots and ringing the cowbells for extra points in “Cool Ringings” for Skiing. Five different courses help players build their ski legs just in time for ski season.
· Tennis: Rapid Returner – Breaking a sweat is easy with “Rapid Returner” for Tennis, where mascots serve up a variety of zingers at increasing speeds to the forehand, backhand, net and baseline. If you’re looking for the ultimate Tennis training game, grab your racquet for and get ready for action.

Even better is the news that there will be game updates every month from now until Spring 2012 including a whole new sport and with each update including free content. I guess we have nothing to worry about at all when it comes to content for the game!

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