Kinect Disneyland Adventures Review Round-Up

Kinect Disneyland Adventures features a fully realised and explorable virtual Disneyland. Players can walk around the park meeting and interacting with 40 Disney characters, collecting autographs, getting pictures taken, earning badges and finding all of the hidden objects and secrets.

There are 12 worlds featured in the theme park with a total of 18 attractions. Each of the 18 "rides" contains several Disney inspired mini-games, and with other attractions that players can take part in such as the Sensational Parade and the Night-time Fireworks Spectacular, this could very well be the most feature and content packed Kinect game yet.

The much anticipated game launches in the US today and Europe this Friday, and early feedback indicates that it could well be the most acclaimed Kinect game of the year.

Disneyland Adventures ambitiously takes Kinect games to the next level. Presentation and controls combine to offer a truly compelling and open world adventure - Telegraph, 4.5/5
The game contains everything you could ask for. Kinect Disneyland Adventures really does make you feel like you are at the most magical place on Earth, so transport yourselves there with this wonder of a game - God Is A Geek, 9/10
I have been overwhelmingly surprised by how well made this game is. I was fully expecting Disney themed mini-games with about 5 hours of gameplay, and now I can honestly say that if you have children and are looking to get them a Kinect game, especially with Christmas coming up, this is the game you should buy them - VGRevolution, 8.5
Kinect Disneyland Adventures is packed full of polished little aspects that make this game a winner. A highly entertaining, well-polished hive of interactive entertainment. It beautifully encapsulates the essence of the beloved theme park NZGamer, 8.2/10

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