The Gunstringer Launching at Reduced Price, Packaged with Fruit Ninja Kinect and Free DLC

We recently brought you news that Twisted Pixels upcoming Kinect puppet shooter, The Gunstringer, will be hitting retail stores rather than Xbox Live Arcade as previously planned. Many worried online that the increase in price might not necessarily result in an increase in gameplay. Well, we can't say for sure how much value you'll get out of The Gunstringer alone until we've played it in full ourselves, but they're certainly working hard to make the game more desirable at a retail price point.

The game will launch on September 13th in the US, Australia and Asia and the 16th in Europe at a discounted price of £29.99 ($40). Not only that, but it will come with a code to download Fruit Ninja Kinect for free, an otherwise 800 point ($10) Live Arcade purchase.

They're also throwing in some free DLC right off the bat making the games' price hike even easier to swallow. "The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles" sees you play the son of The Wavy Tube Man (see left), attempting to save your fathers life via a stolen time machine. Just your average day in the Wild West.

Still not satisfied? Well pre-order now and you'll also get yourself an Avatar prop. Can't say fairer than that, really.

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